Hey guys,

So this is just my 2 cents worth on the whole #SurvivingRKelly saga.

I watched all 6 episodes and the first thing I thought before I did that was tell myself… “Just be neutral as you do not know if the allegations are true.”

It became evident about halfway through the first episode that I could NOT do that as this man did sick things to these women. It’s mpt like it was a third person account of the things that happened. These were the actual women that were/are affected by it all.

I understand that he and his younger brother were abused when they were young, but why is he the only one doing these things? Why is he subjecting these girls/women to this type of abuse when he himself was the recipient of abuse when he was younger?

Why is he forcing them into threesomes and freaky acts while he records it and why the hell is he showing this to the guys that works for him?

Is it the power he feels while doing that? The “strength” he feels he has when he controls every minute of the girls/women’s lives? I do not know and I do not even want to delve into the mindset of someone like that to figure it all out. That would just be like opening Pandora’s Box and no-one wants to do that.

The fame is definitely the MAIN reason why these girls are so drawn to him. The guy makes promises of mentoring them and making them famous and all he does is make them call him “Daddy” and treats them like they are nothing.

It seems like brainwashing goes on in the places where the women are kept too as they seem to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

They never travel alone. There is always someone with them. I would not be able to live with someone who makes me ask if I can eat or go to the toilet etc. Why subject yourself to this?

It makes me sick to my stomach to see all the counts of child pornography against him and nothing came of it. This just makes me realize that money does buy you a lot of things.

Let’s not go into the entire home made porno of his where he pisses on a young girl. I could not believe what I heard about the court case while I was watching this. I even had to pause to get some air as I could almost not watch any further.

This man is sick and I can see why there is the #MuteRKelly movement. We all have our faults and failings but it seems that you are untouchable when you have an entire team and loads of money to help you with your evil ways.

He could definitely NOT be doing this on his own and the entire “gang” needs to be behind bars.

Like I said. This is just MY 2 cents worth, so have a look for yourself and make up your own mind. It is a definite MUST WATCH.

#My2Cents #JustLEWking


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