Hey guys, So this is just my 2 cents worth on the whole #SurvivingRKelly saga. I watched all 6 episodes and the first thing I thought before I did that was tell myself… “Just be neutral as you do not know if the allegations are true.” It became evident about halfway through the first episode [...]

Living with S.M.A.D

S.M.A.D - Social Media Attention Disorder So many of us suffer from what I like to call S.M.A.D. Anything that happens in your life gets posted to social media as you need your "friends" opinion on it too. We tend to forget that most of these so-called friends do not know us and will say [...]

Samsung’s revolutionary Galaxy Earbuds

Hey guys. It’s time for a #LEWreview on the Galaxy Earbuds.These beauties are one of my all-time favourite accessories.They go almost everywhere with me because they can fit anywhere without taking up a huge amount of space or having cumbersome cables tangled like spaghetti that will take you 10 minutes to untangle.Let’s start at the [...]

My Note 9 and I

This is not your typical review of a smartphone. This is a love story between a guy and the best piece of copper coloured tech he has encountered so far. I could do what everyone else does, and tell you about the specifications of this wonderful device, like the size of it's screen, the glass [...]

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